University Honors Program

The University Honors Program at Plymouth State is a modern honors program that reflects PSU’s innovative approach to education. It emphasizes enrichment experiences outside of the classroom, with project work determined by the interests and passions of the students themselves. The Honors Program at Plymouth State brings together a diverse group of high-achieving students from across our many programs to enhance their academic career. There is no fee or additional charge for membership.

The University Honors Program is in the news!

Personalized Passion Project

Pursue a personalized independent study on any topic of interest, under the guidance of a faculty or professional staff member. This is your opportunity for extra time with our experts on your own personalized passion project. Your final output can be a paper, a short film, a website, a lab experiment, etc. Receive 1 to 4 academic credits towards your degree.

Leadership Role in One of PSU’s Cluster Projects

Play a leadership role in one of PSU’s many cluster initiatives or open lab projects. In this role, you would work with other students, a faculty member and, commonly, a community partner. Receive course credit toward your degree. A great resume builder.

Social Events

Attend numerous social events specifically for honors students. These include casual pizza socials as well as a formal holiday dinner with PSU’s President and Provost.

Enrichment Events

Partake in enrichment events. These include faculty presentations of their latest research, alumni talking about their work experiences, entrepreneurs and social changemakers from around the area discussing their success and failures. Off-campus trips will also be planned, such as visits to the Boston Aquarium or hikes in the White Mountains.

Honors Residential Area

Our first year University Honors students will have the option to live on the 7th (top) floor of Geneva Smith (which was just completely remodeled and updated), so that no noise comes from above. It will be supported by a Community Advisor (student liaison) who takes studies, sleep, and the overall campus experience seriously. Programming and events will be provided to meet the specific needs of our high achieving students. At least one wing, if not the whole floor, will be made up of PSU honors students.

Honors Study and Lounge Area

Study and mingle in your own Honors space right in the center of campus.

Distinction at Graduation

Wear a distinctive cord at graduation, and have “Honors” printed on your diploma.

Admission: The top 10%, based on GPA, of the admitted freshmen class and transfer students, are invited to join the University Honors Program. Current PSU Sophomores and Juniors may also be invited to join the University Honors Program, based upon their GPA. Requirements: Once admitted to the University Honors Program, students must:

  • Maintain a GPA of at least 3.0
  • Have no academic or other university infractions
  • Conduct one personalized passion project OR serve a leadership role in one PSU cluster project during their academic career at PSU. Either can be worth 1 to 4 credits
  • Attend one University Honors Program social AND one University Honors Program enrichment activity per year
  • Note: Living in the Honors residential area is OPTIONAL (not a requirement of the program)

For more information, contact: Dr. George Pettinico, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Dr. Timothy Losee, Assistant Professor of Health and Human Performance,